Housing Costs Risks Rushing Relationships

As houses prices climbed at around £7,000 over the past 12 months, individuals are now struggling to find a decent and affordable home. According to Rightmove, three-fifths of private renters cannot get onto the property ladder.

Housing Costs Risks Rushing Relationships


Countless surveys have shown that the private rental sector is overcrowded where the number of bedrooms is not enough to avoid “undesirable sharing”. Of which 3.6 million people are living with their ex-partners. They aren’t just living in the same house, but sometimes have sleep on the same bed as they cannot afford to buy beds or there’s simply no space for the other half.

What’s shocking is the increase of couples moving in together because they cannot afford to live separately as saving for monthly rental fees has been the priority. Moving in with someone is a major life decision, but as the housing crisis continues to impact the people, young and old, it’s now having a major impact on personal relationships.

Landlords are then advised to invest in landlord insurance to avoid tenancy problems in case the couples decide to end their tenancy due to separation. It’s best to get personal information and do your due diligence on the couples to avoid hassles in the future for both the tenant and landlord.

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